Car Emergency Kit

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This car emergency kit was designed for your vehicle and developed to keep you safe. Its compact size makes it a perfect choice for any car or truck.

On Nov 13th, 2016 a severe winter storm hit the Northern U.S., causing 24 deaths, burying cars and stranding thousands of people inside their homes. Feel safe knowing that you have a car emergency kit in your vehicle that's full of first-aid supplies, a blanket, a body warmer, food and water to keep you safe.

Increase the amount of food inside this car emergency kit by adding three days of emergency food. The food is pre-cooked, freeze-dried and tastes excellent.

Never be stranded without a car emergency kit in the trunk of your car, someone's life may depend on it.

Car Emergency Kit List:

(1) Durable Autobag

(1) 400 Calorie Energy Bar

(1) 4oz Water Pouches

(1) Multi-Auto Flashlight

(1) Emergency Survival blanket

(1) Emergency Poncho

(1) Body Warmer

(1) Tow Rope - 10 ft

(1) Car Battery Jumper Cables

(1) Reflective Triangle

(1) Tire Inflator

(1) Oil Funnel

(1) Compact Multi-Function Shovel

(1) Reflective Safety Vest

(1) Set of Bungree Cords

(1) Roll of Duct Tape

(1) Tire Pressure Guage

(1) Pair of Leather-Palm Work Gloves

(2) AAA Batteries

(1) First-Aid Kit

(1) Pocket Tissues

(1) Note Pad and Pencil

(1) Survival Playing Cards