Emergency Survival Kit

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This emergency survival kit provides four individuals with survival gear to sustain themselves for up to 72 hours. This emergency survival kit offers 1 gallon of water per person per day for drinking and sanitation as recommended by FEMA.

Customize this kit by combining it with any of our emergency food kits or add our Mountain House Freeze Dried Food to your order and automatically boost your food supply by at least three days. Live beyond the minimal requirement of three days and create a long term food supply for your family. 

Fort McMurray, Canada, May 1st, 2016-Wildfire forces 88,000 people from their homes, many families were unprepared for the sudden evacuation. An Emergency Survival Kit would ensure your family is ready to escape any disaster at a moment’s notice.

Why risk it? Get a kit!

Emergency Survival Kit List:

(1) Large Duffle Bag

(24) 400 Calorie Food Bars Total Approx 9600 Calories

(48) 4oz Water Pouches

(40) Water Purification Tablets - Each Tablets Purifies 1 Liter of Water

(2) 2-Person Tube Tent with Rope

(4) Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag

(4) Emergency Poncho with Hood

(4) Body Warmer

(1) Emergency 4-in-1 Radio Flashlight (never needs batteries)

(1) Hand Rechargeable Flashlight (never needs batteries)

(4) 1-Liter Hydration Bags with Straws

(1) Emergency Candle

(1) Emergency Bright Stick

(1) 5-in-1 Survival Whistle

(1) Box of Waterproof Matches

(1) Multi-Function Pocket Knife

(1) Pair of Leather-Palm Work Gloves

(4) N95 Respirator Dust Mask (NIOSH-approved)

(1) 50 feet of Nylon Rope

(1) Safety Goggles

(1) Sewing Kit

(4) Hygiene Kits

(1) Deluxe First Aid Kit

(1) Notepad

(1) Golf Pencil

(1) Infectious-Waste Bag

(1) Survival Playing Cards