What to keep in your emergency kit for school?

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What to keep in your emergency kit for school?

With the new school year fast approaching we’ve put together a short list of survival gear, you want to ensure you have in your school emergency kit. An emergency kit at school provides you what you need in case your school gets lockdown or worse disaster strikes. Emergency kits for school should include, at the minimum:

  • Self-defense tools,
  • Personal Hygiene Products; and
  • First-aid, Food & Water.

Between 2009 and 2018 the United States has experienced 288 school shootings, the most recent having occurred at the Santa Fe High School in Texas in May of 2018. There, ten people lost their lives, eight children, and two adults. Before that, it was Stoneman Douglas High School where seventeen people lost their lives. While we can’t change the law, we can try to help our students better protect themselves with our emergency kits.

Self-Defense Tools

Self-defense tools can include sharp objects, shovels, hard-heavy objects, and chemicals. Just about anything that can be used to help neutralize someone threatening your life. Our emergency kits have tools that save lives in self-defense situations. For example, our collapsible multi-tool provides access to a small knife that can be used to defend yourself against active school shooters. Our car emergency kit also includes access to a shovel and ax which can also be used to protect yourself. Our emergency kits also have access to a liquid emergency candle, which, under normal circumstances is used as a light source but can be adapted to build a fire cocktail.

However, if the scenario is an active school shooter our first recommendation is to escape. Run to the nearest exit as quickly as possible ensuring your moving away from the shooter. If you are trapped or about to become discovered we recommend using anything that can help neutralize the threat.

Personal Hygiene Products

Store personal hygiene products inside your school emergency kit. If your school gets lockdown due to an active shooter or disaster scenario, then you may be forced to shelter-in-place for several hours. You will not have access to the washroom, and you will be forced to relieve yourself inside the confines of the room. Your teacher may designate a location inside the class as a makeshift washroom. If that’s the case ensure you have your hygiene products including any female sanitary napkins. Store soap, water, hand sanitizers (wet naps), and tissues inside your emergency kit.

First-Aid, Food & Water

When a school gets targeted by acts of violence, many students and teachers need first-aid. It’s wise to have a first-aid kit available to not only help them but yourself. A standard first-aid kit will have the medical gear to help treat cuts, bruises, sprains and more. All of the emergency kits here have tools for self-defense, hygiene, food, water and first-aid.

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