The Benefit of Pre-Made Emergency Kits

Jake Buckland Emergency Kit

The Benefit of Pre-Made Emergency Kits

I’m a long-time survivalist, with over 10 years of learning how to survive in a wide variety of situations. While I can’t claim to be famous, like some of the survival instructors you might see on television or hawking products for any number of manufacturers, my writing has helped countless people learn how to keep themselves alive in crisis situations.

What this means is that when I sit down to put together survival kits, I’m bringing years of experience to the table. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about an IFAK (individual first-aid kit), an emergency car kit, or a three-day food kit, I’ve not only put them together before, but actually used them in real-life emergency situations, so that I can see if what I thought would work, actually does.

Fortunately, most people haven’t been in that position, where they’ve had to live off their wits, their knowledge and what they’ve got packed in their emergency kit. That’s not something I’d wish on anyone, especially someone who was not adequately prepared for it. At the same time, it’s unfortunate that those people haven’t had that experience, because they don’t know what works and what doesn’t; nor what a difference one choice makes over another. They just haven’t been there.

While there are a lot of people today writing about prepping and survival, there are very few who are writing based upon personal experience. Most of us are smart enough not to put ourselves in harm’s way, to prove whether or not our theories work.
But because of that, there’s a lot of theory floating around, being presented as if it was fact. That’s okay in some spheres, but I wouldn’t want to trust my life to an untested theory. Would you want a surgeon working on you, who has never done it before, but is using you as a guinea pig to test out their theory? That’s your life we’re talking about.

Pre-made emergency kits are for people who don’t have the experience and knowledge to create their own effectively. If you have the background and experience that I do, then by all means, put it to use. But that doesn’t mean that everyone else has the same experience; so don’t put that on them.

If you need an emergency car kit and have never put one together, then doesn’t it just make sense to buy one from someone who has? If you need emergency food to get your family through a blackout after a storm, doesn’t it make sense to buy one that’s already put together, rather than pushing a cart down the aisle at your local grocery store, trying to figure out what you can use for emergency food?

Anyone who is just starting out will be better off starting with a pre-packaged emergency kit. They can always add to that kit; but by starting out with something that has been made of items selected by experts, they save themselves time, effort and mistakes. And when it comes to survival, mistakes are something that none of us can afford. 

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