Test Your Survival Skills At Home

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Test Your Survival Skills At Home

Test your survival skills with real-life scenarios geared to get your family ready for anything. In our previous article, we discussed various scenarios from loss of power to loss of water. In those scenarios, we looked at actually practicing losing electricity & water inside your home for up to 24 hours. Either by disconnecting your main breaker or turning off your main water supply. In this article, we ask that you continue practicing each scenario with your family. Here, we’ll be practicing scenarios based on a gasoline shortage, home invasion, food shortage and a house fire. Each scenario should be exercised in real-time and discussed as a family at its completion.

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Test Your Survival Skills With A Gasoline Shortage Scenario

Scenario: You learn that a multi-targeted terrorist attack hit all the major gasoline distributors in the south. As an effort to conserve gasoline you are asked to reduce your consumption of gas by 50%.

Ask your family to cut all gasoline consumption by 50% for an entire week. Ensure you write down all the mileage at the start of the week and the end of seven days. Here are some suggestions to help save on gasoline:

• Consider carpooling or using a ride-sharing app,
• Limit the number of trips you take to go shopping,
• Eat at home instead of going out
• Consider ordering takeout,
• Walk or take your bicycle for places close to home,
• Take it easy on the accelerator during your driving. Rapidly accelerating causing a significant waste of fuel.

Test Your Survival Skills For A Home Invasion Scenario

Scenario: You answer the door only to find three men barging into your home.

To practice what to do in this scenario teach your family a code word for emergency situations. This code word would tell every family member to immediately escape from the home and get help from neighbors or local police. Ensure all family members know how to exit the house using multiple exits. Consider learning how to disconnect windows or break them if necessary. Ensure your family knows that you will be practicing the drill but ensure they don’t know the time or the day.

Test Your Survival Skills When You Have No Food

Scenario: There’s been a massive earthquake, and all roads and bridges into your community are cut off. All your supermarkets have gone empty because they cannot get resupplied.

Have your family live off all the food you have in your home for two weeks. Use everything from the stale bread (to make chips) to old vegetables (to make soup). Use up all of your canned goods including your frozen veggies. Don’t take any trips to the grocery store or any restaurants. Doing this will not only save you money on groceries, but it will get rid of all your old food, clearing some room in your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. At the end of this exercise, you will be surprised how creative you can get when it comes to conserving food.  Consider storing emergency food from Practical Emergency Kits.  The food has a shelf-life of 30 years and tastes great.

Test Your Survival Skills For A House Fire

Scenario: Your sleeping and the fire alarm goes off. Your house is on fire.

To test this scenario, we don’t recommend setting your house on fire. Instead, use the test button on the fire alarm to set it off. As well, before testing this scenario discuss all relevant evacuation exits with your family. If you live in an apartment consider using the stairs, if you live in a home, examine doors and windows as possible exit points.

Ensure your family knows that a drill will be taking place but don’t give them the exact day and time. That will keep things more realistic. If your kids’ object, kindly remind them that school fire drills happen all the time, this is no different. It also shows that you care for their safety.

On the day of testing, press the test button on the alarm and count how long it takes your family to get out of bed and meet at the rallying point. You want to make sure everyone makes it to the rallying point in less than one minute. If you’re having difficulty getting your kids up, try different types of fire alarms with voice command signals.

Consider getting an emergency kit as part of your emergency plan.  An emergency kit will drastically reduce the amount time it takes to escape from your home, and includes emergency essentials required to survive.

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