Safest Concealed Carry Gun

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Safest Concealed Carry Gun

The best thing you can do to ensure your own safety from criminals, is to carry concealed. Even in states which allow open carry, carrying concealed still provides a tactical advantage, as the criminals won’t realize you are armed, until you draw your gun. But carrying a gun is a grave responsibility; one that nobody should take lightly.

A license to carry doesn’t give anyone a right to use a gun indiscriminately. All it does is give the right to carry. People who carry concealed and find themselves forced to use their gun are subject to the same criminal prosecution as people who don’t have a license. The only thing they are not guilty of is breaking laws against carrying concealed. Granted, if it was truly self-defense, they will get off without any penalty; but the courts have to agree that it was self-defense after the fact.

For this reason, anyone carrying should endeavor to become as well-trained in the use of their gun as they can. People who carry, but never practice with their guns are foolish, setting themselves up for criminal charges, if they ever miss their target and hit an innocent bystander.

They should also make sure that they can control their temper. Sadly, there are people who are killed in bars and family gatherings, not by those who carry concealed legally; but by those who don’t. In all too many of these cases, the shooter ends up pulling their gun, after having too much to drink, because of an altercation with the person they shot.

The safest concealed carry gun is one that is in the hands of someone who is well trained in its use and who has the ability to control themselves. If someone can’t meet these two basic criteria, they need to ask themselves if they should be carrying.

In other words, it is the individual, not the gun, which makes it safe. I have carried for years and I have drawn a gun twice to stop a crime. Thankfully, I didn’t have to shoot either time. Merely drawing my gun was enough to make the criminals change their minds. But I had the self-control to not shoot, even though I was ready to in both situations.

But What About the Gun?

There is a lot of emphasis today, especially in the media, about how dangerous guns are. Yes, guns are dangerous, but so are cars. Statistically speaking, cars kill many more people per year than guns do. In both cases (those of guns and cars) the fault is that of the person using the tool, not the tool itself.

Keeping that in mind, is it possible that there is such a thing as the safest concealed carry gun? I believe so. But what is the safest gun for me and what is the safest gun for you may not be the same thing. Because, once again, it is the shooter, not the gun that determines how safe or how dangerous it is.

The safest gun anyone can carry concealed is the gun that they can shoot the most accurately. For me, that’s a 9mm Glock. I also have a Springfield XDS .45 caliber that I carry. However, I shoot better with the Glock than I do with the Springfield. Therefore, for me, that Glock is the safest concealed carry gun I can carry.

However, my wife’s hands are not as strong as mine. There’s no way that she can shoot my .45 and she has difficulty shooting my 9mm. Therefore, neither of them is a safe gun for her to carry. Rather, she carries a Sig Sauer P250, chambered in .380 caliber. Her hands are strong enough for that gun, making it a safe gun for her to carry.

Always be sure to practice and practice a lot with the gun that you carry concealed. Because ultimately, that’s what’s going to make it a safe gun. When you have the best possible control over that gun and can make sure that your shots will go where you want, you have turned that gun into a safe concealed carry gun.

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