How much water should be included in an emergency kit?

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How much water should be included in an emergency kit?

A Gallon of Water Per Person Per Day

Every emergency kit should provide at least 1 gallon of water per person per day.  According to FEMA, one gallon of water is sufficient enough for one adult to fulfill nutritional requirements and satisfy sanitation and hygiene needs.  That includes brushing your teeth and going to the washroom.  However, that does not include individuals with special medical needs, nursing mothers and the elderly. Please consider storing additional water reserves for these circumstances.

How to store 1 gallon of water per person per day?

Storing one gallon of water per person per day can become a practical nightmare if your goal is to evacuate or escape an oncoming disaster.  One of the significant drawbacks of holding that much water in reserve is that you severely restrict your physical movement by carrying so much weight. It also takes up precious cargo space in your vehicle.  In addition, you won’t be able to maintain several caches of emergency supplies, including one inside your car and one for the office. Limiting your emergency kit to one site will reduce your overall preparedness when an actual disaster occurs.

Use a water filter

One of the most efficient ways to maintain the requirement of having one gallon of water per person per day is to have access to a water filter as part of your emergency survival kit.  A water filtering bottle is lightweight, easy to store and highly efficient at cleaning up to 99.99% of contaminants inside water. A water bottle with a filter is an excellent companion to any emergency kit, as its lightweight, reliable and can filter hundreds of liters of water.  Way beyond anything that can be stored and transported.


Water purification tablets

Water purification tablets are an excellent way to gain access to clean drinking water without the burden of lugging water jerry cans.  Its fast acting and used globally with over 10 billion liters of water treated annually, not to mention it tastes great.  It can be used for camping or during an emergency.  Water treated using purification tablets are ready to drink after 30 minutes.  When you drink water from a river, lake or well using water purification tablets; ensure you remove all suspended material by filtering it out first.  Or wait until it settles at the bottom and transfer the clean water to another bucket.  Place one tablet into 1/5 gallons (0.75 liters) of contaminated water.  Mix for at least 10 minutes, then allow it to stand for 30 minutes before drinking.

At Practical Emergency Kits, all of our emergency kits have access to clean drinking water either with water packets, filtered water bottles or water purification tablets.  Each of these kits meets and exceed FEMA guidelines for water storage during an emergency.

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