Fire Disaster in Rome

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Fire Disaster in Rome

A fire disaster of epic proportions occurred on this day in the year 64 in Rome. Much of the City was destroyed by the fire, and Emperor Nero blamed Christians for causing it. The fire disaster was used as a pretext to generate hate towards the growing number of Christians that held influence in the city. The fire disaster in Rome resulted in the arrest, torture, and execution of hundreds of Christians.

Fire Destroyed Rome

The fire disaster of Rome began in the slums, South of Palatine Hill. It spread quickly and destroyed all the homes in the area. It was noted that during the raging fire, many homes and business were also being looted. The fire itself didn’t stop for another three days and resulted in the 14 districts being completely destroyed. The fire caused hundreds of deaths and resulted in thousands of people becoming homeless.

Emperor Nero

It was rumored that emperor Nero was playing the fiddle while the raging fire was destroying the City. However, history shows that he, in fact, was not in the city on July 18 and was away in Antium. Instead, he allowed his palace to be used a shelter to house the fire victims and homeless.

Fire Disaster Recovery

Many people blamed Emperor Nero for the fire because he was known to have hated the “look” of Rome. He used the destruction of the city to construct a new aesthetic for Rome and developed new building codes to prevent future fires.

Modern Day Fire Prevention

Modern building codes have been developed for earthquakes, fires, and extreme temperatures. Unless your Country or State doesn't have any building codes, you shouldn’t have to worry about the rapid spread of fires. That said, it is still important to prepare your family for any eventuality, including fires. We strongly recommend each family at least talk about fire prevention and preparedness. We always recommend everyone get an emergency kit and safety secure one in your home and one in your vehicle. Just in Case.

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