Emergency Preparedness Test For Your Family

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Emergency Preparedness Test For Your Family

An emergency preparedness test is something that the head of every family should conduct. It helps to identify weaknesses in your emergency plan and shortages in your emergency kit.  Ideally, you want to create a set of scenarios and challenges that your family is most likely to encounter or something that is a worrisome threat

Local, State and Federal emergency managers call an emergency preparedness test a "live-exercise." It’s when departments test their emergency response plans with other government departments in real-time. It helps to identify errors in communication, resources, and strategy. In our case, however, we will be focusing on the family response to similar emergency events.

Practical Emergency kits have created an emergency preparedness test, for you to examine your family’s preparedness level. Each set of scenarios are designed to help your family identify weaknesses in your emergency planning.

Please conduct these exercises in a group with your entire family present. You can try and make it fun, but be warned you may get some complaints from family members.

A downed tree took out a power station causing massive loss of electrical power. (Actually took place in August 2003 affecting 50 million people in U.S and Canada).

Turn off the central power in your home by going to the breaker panel. In the next 24 hours attempt to function inside your home without using any electricity. Conduct this exercise as if the whole community is without power. This test should be conducted once in the summer months and once during the winter months.

If you own a generator or inverter, take the time to practice using them. Did you have any difficulties? Have you discovered a better way of getting organized? Is your generator powering your lights and refrigerator? Do you have enough alternative power? If not, do you have a way to stay warm? How will you prepare cook without power? The power should remain off until the next day. Discuss the pros and cons of this exercise as a family.

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The City Health Inspector Has Issued A Water Boiling Alert

All the water that comes out of your tap should be considered contaminated. You should start by removing all the contaminated ice that is in your fridge/freezer. If you have water purification tablets or water filter you can chemically treat or filter the water without boiling it. Remember to wash your hands and brush your teeth using boiled water or water from your emergency kit or water filter. Conduct this exercise for one day and discuss the results as a family.

Terrorists poisoned the water supply, City officials turned off the water.

Test this scenario by turning off the main water supply into your home. The main water valve is located next to your water meter. In the next 24 hours use the water stored inside your home for everything from cooking to washing hands, drinking, brushing your teeth and going to the washroom. Learn to flush the toilet using buckets of gray water from a local stream and drink water stored inside your water tank.

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Practical Emergency Kits will be publishing more emergency scenarios for you to test your emergency preparedness levels. Please share this article or leave us a comment.

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