Be Prepared Motto – what does it mean?

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Be Prepared Motto – what does it mean?

The “be prepared” motto is a short phrase meant to inspire people to plan and prepare for disasters and emergencies.  Many “preppers” understand the phrase as a ‘call to action’ to rouse support for individuals and family members to start preparing for the end-of-times. From creating emergency plans to purchasing emergency kits, the “be prepared motto” has its roots in actions occurring before any disaster or emergency.

The “be prepared motto” is more than just a phrase for emergency preparedness, it’s a movement to help everyone become aware of the different types of hazards that affect families across the country. From active shooter scenarios in schools to defending against airborne diseases to earthquakes and terrorism. To be prepared is to plan for life, not just disasters.

While the “be prepared motto” is a great way to garner support for preparedness it is only part of the answer of disaster preparedness. Aside from “becoming prepared,” individuals and families also need to take action in the face of danger and adapt when they’re emergency plan goes astray. The motto of Practical Emergency Kits is to Prepare, Respond, Adapt and Survive. These four words form a cycle that helps people prepare for, respond to and recover from many disasters.

Emergency Response

If you’ve heard the phrase “fight or flight,” the expression relates to actions humans take when they confront danger. It could be an active shooter at a school, a tornado, violence, tsunami…anything. However, if you’re not willing to respond to threats against your safety or the safety of your family, then all your preparedness efforts are in vain. You need the willingness to react and respond to any danger that has the potential of affecting the lives of your loved ones.

It could merely mean evacuating your home during a hurricane warning or using your emergency kit to shelter-in-place during a gas attack. Preparedness planning is only as good as its execution, if you can’t execute you won’t survive.

Adapt to different emergency scenarios

While executing your emergency plan is a necessary step to surviving a disaster you’ll also need to develop your knowledge to adapt to changing situations. Know that your emergency plan or preparedness efforts might not be adequate, as a result, you may need to adjust. For example, an emergency kit that holds supplies inside a drybag can also work as an excellent flotation device in case you’re drowning. Or you can use paracord, a spoon and needle as a fishing hook instead of a reel and rod. You need to get into the mentality of constantly evolving.

Bruce Lee once said “You must be shapeless, formless like water. To adapt to different scenarios is to survive. Water can take the form of any container it’s in; as a result, it changes. Water can be calm or crash like a wave; it’s peaceful and dangerous depending on its environment. To be like water is to be able to adapt. Like water, we should always adapt to changing settings and prepare for emergencies by storing emergency kits and executing our emergency plans.


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