An Amateur Radio License might just save your life

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An Amateur Radio License might just save your life

Practical uses of an amateur radio license

An amateur radio license serves different purposes to different people, from hobby enthusiasts and professional engineers to military personnel and survivalists. The license gives you access to operate a ham radio, which can be fun for beginners or offer a challenge to experts. Ham radios are versatile in cold weather, mobile and when all else fails, acts as an excellent source of amateur radio emergency communication. An amateur radio license isn’t just a piece of paper, it’s a backup plan for your backup plan.

 Amateur radio emergency response

Having an amateur radio license provides many ham operators an opportunity to work alongside emergency responders, providing them amateur radio emergency service during disaster events. A ham radio operator may provide ham radio equipment or ham radio frequencies to emergency officials, therefore giving them the ability to transmit vital information from ground units to an emergency operations center. An amateur radio license provides individuals within a community an additional tool to respond to and recovery from disasters and emergencies.

How to get your amateur radio license?

Getting an amateur radio license requires you to successfully pass a ham radio test conducted by a ham radio operator. A ham radio study guide is readily available online, at the library or can be found on the national association of amateur radio website. Once you pass and become a ham radio operator you’ll be assigned a unique alphanumeric call sign by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). That call sign gives you legal access to operating ham radio frequencies which in turn allow you to communicate with other ham radio operators within and outside the United States.

Ham Radio Clubs & Emergency Response Exercises

Once you have your ham radio license, you can decide to join your local radio club to further increase your education and participate in annual emergency exercises. These are excellent opportunities to mix your interest in ham radio with emergency preparedness. Many use this as an opportunity to test their emergency kits. From living off the grid and setting up your own radio station to generating your own power and using the moon to reflect radio waves, these opportunities give you more tools for your emergency kit. At the same time, it will broaden your social circle giving you additional sources of help, if the need ever arises.

In the end, having an amateur radio license as part of your emergency kit will significantly increase your chances at survival by giving you access to a whole new world of individuals able to help, when all else fails.

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